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The worlds first fully stocked commercial fire eating kits!!

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been locked away in my office working on a little something very special. AS of 3am last night, the first prototypes are finished and ready to share with the world.

Here’s the 100 word pitch:

Are you a raging fire bug? Do you want to look like a professional in seconds? The essential kit was created to make getting started with fire eating that much easier. Everything you need to build your torches, as well as a collection of all the essential goodies professionals never leave home without. You’ll carry what we carry.

It’s a 38 piece set with a beautiful metal fire case, Velcro and elastic straps to keep all your tools in place and organized.

It also includes a free copy of “How to Eat Fire – The Essential Guide” the more comprehensive how-to fire eating resource.
Here’s the best part, it’ll retail for under 200$.

Here’s a list of everything that you get. Can anyone think of something I may have missed?

Metal Fire Case with Handle (20cm x 44cm x 8cm)
Pressurized Fire Extinguisher 454g (1lb) with Pressure Gauge
Stainless Steel, Fuel Transport Container.
3 Rolls of 100% non-stretch, Surgical Cotton
Non toxic, torch building adhesive (White Glue)
4 Food Grade Metal Skewers will Handles (Torches)
20 piece First aid kit
Flexible Ice Pack (20.6cm x 21.9cm)
Butane Lighter
2 Official “Flammable Liquid” Stickers
Large Bottle of Burn Free Gel (118ml)
“How to Eat Fire – The Essential Guide” DVD
MSDS Sheets

Any thought would be much appreciated. We go in for product documentation in a few days to take some pretty pictures of this sexy kit. Time for your close up.

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