Carisa Hendrix’s performances are a mix of magic, circus sideshow, illusion and spectacle. A video produced by Orange Tree Production showing her performance at a corporate gala, characterizes the cute, classy style that has become Hendrix’s signature and awarded her the title of “Sideshow Darling”.

Early Entertainment History

She began entertaining in 2000. After a few years of teaching at private schools and running after school programs during the day and doing shows in the evenings, the demands of both jobs became such that she had to make a choice. She decided to abandoned her career as an educator to pursue show business full-time.

From 2007 to 2009 she attended the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) focusing on performance art and design studies. Her time at ACAD marked a swift in Hendrix’s performances toward more dramatic, beautiful and elaborate props and costumes.

The Garden Variety Show

In January of 2008 together with international street performer and comedy magician James Jordan, Hendrix wrote and produced a monthly vaudeville style theater show called the Garden Variety Show. The show ran for 6 months in Calgary, Alberta before touring Canada to great acclaim. During the year of co-hosing and writing comedy for the show, Hendrix found a voice for her character. She quickly began taking improv and stand up classes to take her act from amazing eye candy to something more. (note: Mr Jordan has since remounted the show, it is a must for anyone traveling to the Calgary area)

How to Eat Fire DVD

As a result of Light and Motion and the various tours, Hendrix became known for her skill and innovation in the art of fire eating. As a response to demands she’d been receiving from the online and locally entertainment communities, she produced North America’s first Fire Eating DVD. Released in January 2010, How to Eat Fire is now available in 32 countries and online for fire fanatics everywhere and has received rave reviews from students and industry experts alike.

In addition to the DVD, Carisa created the Fire Bug Blog and Fire Bug Podcast , an ever growing online resources of fire art related topics such as fire safety, burn treatment, international fire arts events, fuel information, show creation and more.

Current Work

More recently Hendrix has been interested in acting, co-staring in a successful short film called Pick and modeling for calendars, magazines, art shows and countless portfolios. Hendrix feels that acting and modeling have help her “develop more control and understanding of my [her] body language and facial expressions” in order to build a more powerful stage show.

She has begun to broaden her scope to the international market; touring her new solo show and Fire Eating Workshops and traveling both Canada and the United States from coast to coast this summer.

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