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Juggle Jam Song of the Week | Here It Goes Again by OK Go

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Juggle Jam Song of the Week | Roustabout by Beats Antique

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Thank you to Craig Stolly from inflamed for this find. I love this video so much, inspiring.

PICK – An Experimental Short

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Click on the image below to watch the film online.

PICK – An Experimental Short

Director Benjamin Ross Hayden

If you are channel surfing this week in Alberta, click over to Channel 10 Broadcast, Nov 6 – 1am, Nov 7 – 9PM and Nov 8 – 10pm. You’ll see a really cool experimental film that I helped with a few months back. The music and the visuals come together to creep you out and suck you in.

The film is about the re-appropriation of history, a boudoir in Calgary on February 15th & 16th, 1916 provides the inspiration and it was shot in the creepy basement where a massive riot began.

This film was shot entirely on film. The scratches are real. The stunts are real. The credits are also hand-scratched.

Benjamin Ross Hayden, up and coming director, first approached me to do the film while I have having breakfast at a trendy dinner in February of this year, it was a little out of the blue but insanely awesome. After that day it wasn’t long before I was all costumed up on set ready to stick an ice pick in my face in the dustiest room I’d ever stepped foot in.

The whole thing was a complete blast.

MEDIA: Articles in the following media outlets
FFWD Weekly,
Emery Weal,
The Gauntlet,

The Reflector, and

… Benjamin Ross Hayden plays homage to that event with his short experimental film, Pick, which will screen as part of the Calgary International Film Festival’s Alberta Spirit series….

Originally published, September 23, 2010 in FFWD Weekly


Fire Bug 13 | Listener Questions

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In this episode I take some time to answer listener questions. I discuss the entertainer look, character and weight issues. We talk about getting around difficult fire marshals and lightening up all the fire safety gear you’re carrying.

Bearclaw Manufacturing

The following is the 10 minute Youtube teaser, please subscribe to the podcast to see the full video.

World Class Partner Poi – Zan & Aurora

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Nothing like watching the best in the world to inspire you to take out your practice poi and get spinning again. Aurora and Zan do a poi retreat in Costa Rica that I will be making every effort to hit in the next year or two. Till then I’ll be watching from afar as I drool into my Kerosene.

Zan & Aurora of the Instruments of the Now performance troupe dance at ‘Tsunami on the Square’ festival in June of 2009. The fire poi routine was performed in Prescott, Arizona’s town square for an audience of 2500.

A performance on April 24th, 2010 by Zan and Aurora as part of the Fire Dancing Expo in Union Square, San Francisco. Partner poi gets a classy dance make-over.
Lots of thanks to Annetta Lucero and Roz Schrodt for choreography, and to Taarka for music.

If you see any videos that inspire you, drop me a line at

Really Bad Fire Eating Teacher

Carisa Hendrix calls out an online video teaching dangerous fire eating.
Check out the letter and response from Expert Village; Read it here

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