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Fire Bug 18 | Building a Great Act with Zan Moore

Host Carisa Hendrix & Special Guest Zan Moore | Building a Great Act

Show Notes:

Zan Moore is an amazing entertainer who has booking tours down to an art. Over the summer he performed 60 show and traveled 1500 miles over 4 months and has achieved that insane feat two years in a row. Zan is also half of the world’s best partner poi pair (and that’s not just my opinion).

On this week’s show we talk about getting into entertainment, how Zan and Aurora developed their partner poi skills and his new endeavors helping organize Fire Drums, Pacific Fire Gathering and Kinetic Fire. Zan’s advice about starting to work on your skills as an entertainer using street and festival shows as well as how we can experiment with style and character while developing an act, is invaluable for anyone seriously considering an career as an entertainer.


Zan and Aurora’s site Instruments of the Now –InstrumentsoftheNow.com
Fire Bug Episode 14 – How to Apply for Street Performing Festivals
This week’s biggest time waster – The Hype Machine keeps track of what music bloggers write about and let’s you stream the top picks.
Fire Drums – FireDrums.org
Pacific Fire Gathering – PacificFireGathering.com
Kinetic Fire – Facebook Event
Download the theme song- Fire Bug by Ryan Pilling
Poi Spinning: Focus on Transitions DVD – Click Here to buy on Shireen’s Store
Get The Fire Bug Ringtone!! -Click to start the automatic download –Version 1, Version 2

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