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Fire Bug 17 | The Science or Fire with Tedward

Host Carisa Hendrix & Special Guest Tedward | The Science or Fire

Show Notes:

We talk about and review the resources available to fire eaters, and talk about the discrepancy between fuel names in different countries. Ted settles the debate with Isopropyl alcohol and white gas. What kind and size of fire eating torches should you be using and the inside scoop on what’s happening with North American Fire Arts Association.


Tedward’s Main Site –www.Tedward.org
North American Fire Arts Association (NAFAA) –www.Nafaa.org
NAFAA’s Fire Wiki – nafaa.pbworks.com
NAFFA TV – Subscribe on Youtube
Red Swan Entertainment – www.RedSwanFire.com
This week’s time waster: Angry Birds – On iTunes
Entertainer tip or the week: GV Mobile + – SeanKovacs.com
Download the theme song- Fire Bug by Ryan Pilling
Get The Fire Bug Ringtone!! -Click to start the automatic download –Version 1, Version 2

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