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First Post of 2011: Hello from the Caribbean

As some of you may know, I’ve taken some time off over Christmas and New Years to re-evaluate and re-locate. We return to our regular podcasting schedule next Wednesday with an interview from Shireen Press from Flameboyant and a whole new set of new years resolutions for Prop Manipulators.

Right now I wanted to take the time to catch all you wonderful people up on what to expect from the new year.

Near the end of 2010 I accepted a council position with the North American Fire Arts Association, this got me thinking a lot about what I had to offer them and what our community of fire bugs and prop junkies really needed.

Relocating to a beach house in the Caribbean for 3 months was exiting, but I became consumed with figuring out how to make the Fire Bug Blog more targeted to what we need as a community. Here’s what I discovered. I wasn’t gonna happen, the blog and podcasts are a great start but we need so much more. We need reliable and accurate information from experts we can trust, we need a place to explore and share information and inspiration in order to challenge each other to push our art form to the next level and then beyond that.

I have taken much of my savings and invested in this project, I am working tirelessly to give this new resource the functionality that we are missing elsewhere, with out stepping on anyone’s toes. This new resource will be reliable and non-bias. I don’t plan to use it to sell anything as I do not want to take away from anyone’s business. All are welcome to be involved.

If you have a few moments please fill out this short survey that will help me build a better resource.

If you are interested in being more involved please email me at info@carisahendrix.com

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