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Fire Bug 14 | How To Apply for Festivals with James Jordan


This week’s episode kindly sponsored by Bearclaw Fire Tool Manufacturing, innovating high-performance fire equipment for over a decade. Check them out at BearClawFire.Com.

Show Notes:

James Jordan is back on the show in time for festival application season. He’s a veteran street performer and festival organizer so he knows a lot about what it takes to get your self booked.

Terminology: Press kit, press release, flash drive

Creating a promotional video:
Keep it short 2-4 minutes, lots of shots of your audience enjoying your show. Prove you can hold a crowd and that your show is unique. Don’t include your hat line.

Ideally use testimonials from other festivals that loved you, include the full letters.

Bio & Description of the show:

Your history, how long you’ve been performing and what makes you unique. Describe your full show including finally.

What to send:

There are a lot of ways to get your information out. What to use? DVD mail outs, digital downloads, a page on your website or flash drives.

Make sure to call rather than just email the festivals you are interested in.


James Jordan – fuzzyhair.net email jimbo@fuzzyhair.net
Words free – scrabble with strangers (play james fuzzyhairnet)
Marketing over coffee podcast
InterPlay Festival (Fort Mcmurry, Alberta, Canada)
Edmonton Street Performer Festival (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Winnipeg Fringe Festival (Winnipeg, Canada)
Saskatoon Fringe Festival (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

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