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Free Giveaway – Twitter Competition

Add me on Twitter, Enter to win cool stuff. Click here to follow

Here’s the deal,

I’ve been doing a bunch of fun stuff with twitter lately but everyone is missing out. I’d love if you’d join me over on my account but I realize that you are all very busy people, so I have to make it worth your while.

Prizes for all!!!!
Well, not quite. Till the end of November any new followers on twitter will be entered to win a copy of the “How To Eat Fire” DVD and the not yet released PDF “Glass Walking Explained”. If you follow me already just message me and I’ll include you in the draw as well. For every 100 followers I’ll give away one signed copy of the DVD and PDF and 3 Digital Downloads for the DVD. If we hit 600 new followers by the end of the month I’ll give away a Full Fire Kit.

But Wait!!! There’s More!!
Re-tweet, or mention me on twitter and I’ll put your name in the draw again.

Simple, easy and I’ll send you free stuff before christmas.
Win a DVD or Fire Kit

Click here for the Facebook event.

  1. December 7, 2010 at 11:43 am

    The Winners of our twitter contest are @autumnphyre @Michael_Iznata @lmusgrave and @EvolverSoul send me your email and receive your prize.

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