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Fire Bug 12 | Fire Hoop & Travel Tips with SaFire Sommerville

SaFire of HoopCity.ca tells the story of how her and I first meet, talks shop and reveal her best traveling secrets. We discuss the peace and meditation you can find while playing with skill toys, everything you need to know about getting a fire hoop, and how you from a fire arts and prop manipulation community where eve you are or when on the road.

Special Thanks to our Sponsor The Vanishing Rabbit

Magic Shop and Halloween Supplies

This episode is FULL of great travel tips, get a pen and paper, you’ll want to write this stuff down.


I do say $h*t in this podcast


Patter, southern lights festival

Show Notes

Comment Line – 1.269.350.4718
Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Workweek

How to make a fire hoop tutorial
Fire Hoop Makers: Cosmic Fire Dance, Hoopdrum
Alberta Prop Manipulation Festival – Light and Motion
Alberta Prop Manipulation Retreat – Spin Off
Nimble Twins Vlogs
Marketing Over Coffee Podcast
How to make a hoop bag
Joey Vedres –Lethbridge Fire Crew
Couch Surfing
Who to buy Fire Hoops From – Cosmic Fire Dance, Hoop Drums or Synergy
Pop Up Beach Tent
Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash, pH Balanced
Continental Airlines

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