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Here is a Fun Party Game – Henry & Sally

Here’s a game that’s great for both kids and adults. I played it at a christmas party a few years ago an realized that there is no write up for the game online. I figure this is my chance to add this great little game to the vast information stream of the internet.

Henry & Sally

Take two objets, they can be anything. The sillier the better. At a dinner party silverware or a wristwatch work well.

You pass each object in a different direction in the circle.

Now here’s where it gets fun.

Name one object Henry and one Sally.
Before each person passes the object to the next person they must introduce it to them in the following way “This is Henry (or Sally depending on which object it is)”
The person receiving it must ask “Who?”
To which the first person repeats the name of the object, ie: “Henry”

Not this seems simple, however when the two objects pass at some point it will confuse the group. Even before that some people get mixed up hearing the other object being introduce as well.

If you want to make the game more fun, you can say that every time someone messes up you must start over and you can switch the names of the objects.

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