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Atomic Popcorn’s Top 10 Movie Explosions

Been Feeling a little hungry for explosions since I got back from Burning Man. Surfing around I found this list of the top ten movie explosions. I’m planing to watch all these flicks over the next few day in order to see if we can’t improve this list a bit.
Message me and let me know if there’s any movie explosions you want me to check out.

Original post at Atomic Popcorn

10 – Indiana Jones IV – This has got to be one of the worst scenes of all time in the movies, but the explosion is pretty impressive.

9 – Death Star exploding in “The Original Star Wars Episode IV” – I shouldn’t have to lead into this film or explosion in anyway. Enjoy.

8 – White House in Independence Day – This movie seemed to of come out of nowhere and boy did it hit hard. This is a great sequence and explosion. A must see!

7 – The Rock – This movie is a must see for so many reasons, adding it to this list was a pleasure.

6 – The Dark Knight-A great sequence caught on film to say the least. A homage to the late Heath.

5 – Swordfish – This has got to be one of my favorite films for so many reasons. Love the story, the action, and this explosion is awesome!

4 – Stealth – The movie that bombed has one of the all time great explosion in movie history!

3 – Fight Club – The spectacular ending. Nothing else to say besides watch and enjoy!

2 – Terminator 2 – Opening Dream Sequence – this is hard to watch for a father of two kids, but such a statement and a well done scene.

1 – V for Vendetta – Parliament – Great movie, great scene, well done explosion all leading up to a great finale!

  1. October 22, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Dude you missed one the biggest and most expensive explosions of all time that was actually done with real explosives in “Platoon”

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