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Trip to The Fire Mecca – Part 1

Some subscribers have noticed the recent lack of youtube videos, podcasts and blog entries from your’ truly. The hiatus was due to an unexpected opportunity to go to Burning Man, something I’ve been wanting to do for half a decade. Burning Man is seen as somewhat of a Mecca for Fire Bugs like us, a land of skill toys, fire arts, pyrotechnics and light shows, among other things.

Shortly after the last podcast I drove from the Winnipeg Fringe to the Saskatoon Fringe where both my parents had come from their respective cities to see my show and see me off at the airport where I’d be catching a plane to New York. There I’d be meeting up with my partner Cypher and his 1994 Safari, the RV we would be taking cross country and, eventually, to the burn. I’ll be traveling for an extended period of time and it’s feels good to have my folks’ support. I hug them both outside the security gates, Dad says “just have fun, you deserve it” and I choke back the tears and head off on my pilgrimage.

The RV need some work before it’ll be ready for a trip of this magnitude. It’s a challenge getting the giant vehicle we have lovingly nicknamed the kaiju, from one mechanic in one state to another in another state and through downtown manhattan. I am grateful everyday that Cypher is doing the driving. Once we get all the necessary repairs sorted we hit the road. A shredded tire in Branford, Ontario, a cracked exhaust manifold outside of Rapid City, North Dakota, and axel barring problems in Nevada slow us down a bit, but we make it to the black rock desert in one piece. We turn off the main road and onto the thin gravel pathway towards the gates and I let out a little victory cheer.

….To Be Continued…..

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