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Fort Mcmurray, AB Fire Permit Information

Requirements and regulations for obtaining an Open Air Burn Permit (The indoor performance permit is called the “show girl” permit however it applies to poi spinners, fire eaters, fire jugglers and similar performances) in Fort Mcmurray, AB.
Cost. 35.00$

In Fort Mcmurray you will be required to obtain your permit in person at the Fire Prevention Office (317 Gregoire Drive) speak to a safety codes officer and pay by cash. You can obtain your permit the day of your performance however it is preferred that you go a few days ahead (fridays inspector are out of the office so you may have a harder time getting your permit). The following are the requirements they sent me:

In regards to all open flame permits issued to Showgirls, Teasers or any other exotic dance club, for the purposes of a candle/hot wax show, the following conditions shall apply:

– As per AFC 2006 Div. B;

Devices having open flames shall be securely supported in non-combustible holders and shall be located or protected so as to prevent accidental contact of the flame with combustible materials.

– A fire extinguisher shall be at the stage while the open flame device is being used.

– There shall be no combustible materials in the area of the open flame while the device is being used.

– Permits shall allow for a maximum of two candles on stage during the performance.

– Permits may take up to 48 hours to be issued.

This permit is issued only to the dancer applying and for the duration of their “tour” at the club. Once their “tour” is completed in the RMWB, this permit is void, and they must apply for a new one the next time they come to the RMWB. Permits shall not be issued for any type of self ignition.

Additional Info
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

317 Gregoire Drive
Fort McMurray, AB
T9H 2K4
780 792-5504

Hope this helps :)

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