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Fire Bug Podcast: Episode 6

After a small hiatus we are back on to a regular podcasting schedule. This week on the Fire Bug Podcast we interview international street performer and comedy magician James Jordan about building a circle show and what it takes to make it on the street. Where to perform, how to draw a crowd, how to ask for money and what to expect. This interview was too much for one episode so this is part one, check out part 2 next week.


Check us out at LearnFireEating.com. Please send any comments or questions to Carisa at info@wickeddesign.ca

Terminology: Stoke line, busking, pitch, the draw, hat line

Show Notes:
James Jordan – www.FuzzyHair.net
Checker Board Guy www.CheckerHead.com
Jonathan Burns – www.FlexibleComedy.com and his duo show www.ShowOffShow.com
The radio show we talked about is The Goon Show – The Goon Show Classics: King Solomon’s Mines/The Moriarty Murder Mystery/The Vanishing Room/The 1, 000, 000 Pound Penny (BBC Radio Collection)

The book referenced – The Art of Krowd Keeping by Gazzo Book

Listen to this episode

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  1. Izzy
    October 4, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Hey Carissa,

    I love your work you are really good. : )

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