Calgary AB, Fire Permit Information

The following are the requirements and regulations for obtaining a Fire Permit in Calgary.
It will cost you 57.25$

    1.You will be asked to carry a first aid kit, fire blanket, and five pound fire extinguisher.
    2.You will be required to submit a current, up to date copy of your fire performance insurance.
    3.You must provide a signed letter of permission for your performance from the venue.
    4.You must provide a site map of the area you will be performing demonstrating that the audience will be 15 away.
    5.You must maintains a safe distance form the audience of 15 feet.
    6.You must keeps all fuels well labeled and away from the public.
    The venue must have a working fire prevention sprinkler system.
    7.You must provide information about the fuels that will be used during the performance.
    In order to obtain your permit call 311 at least 2 weeks before the event date will the details of the event. A fire marshal for the area will contact you and ask for the above information and documents. You will be billed for the permit. I can be faxes of emailed to you upon special request.

Looking for information about Fire Permits and Regulations in your are?? The North American Fire Arts Association had done a lot of the work for you. They have a wonderful resource for cities and states all over North America.

Unfortunately the resources they have for Canada are not as full as they would like. If you have any information one regulations in your area please contact Ted at

Hope this helps :)

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