Banff, AB Fire Permit Information

The following are the requirements and regulations for obtaining a Fire Permit in Banff.
Cost: 0$

    1. You will be asked have a properly serviced five pound fire extinguisher on site. You may be asked to have someone designated to be on fire watch with the extinguisher durring the course of the performance.
    You will be required to submit a current, up to date copy of your fire performance insurance.
    3.You must provide a signed letter of permission for your performance from the venue.
    4.The fire marshal will dictate what a minimum safe distance is between the audience a the performance space (a minimum of 1 meter).
    5.You must keeps all fuels well labeled and away from the public.
    6.You must provide information about the fuels that will be used during the performance. (Amount and type) 

You can obtain your permit the day of your performance however it is preferred that you go a few days ahead. There is always someone available 24-7 to asset you although 9-5 weekdays are preferable. The permit can be faxes of emailed to you upon special request. 

Who to contact:
Administrative Assistant, Fraser Kirby, 403.762.1256
Fire Chief, Silvio Adamo, 403.762.1250

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