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Very Unsafe fire eating Instruction.

There is a series of online videos that has been slowly driving me mad for years. If you have ever searched for how-to videos it’s likely that you’ve come across “Expert Village”and If you’ve ever searched fire eating you may have had the misfortune of finding Mr Paul Anderson. Anderson is Expert Villages’ fire eating guru, why exactly is unclear.


The description for his videos reads “Learn tips and techniques for fire eating, what torches to use, and how to be safe in this free video.” I watch the entire lot when I first found Expert Village and after I had stop yelling obscenities at the screen I sent the company I had once loved this:


I found your series on how to eat fire online. I just wanted to draw you attention to the potential liability and major errors in the instructional content.

I am a professional working fire eater and I was trained by an old side show performer who had eaten fire for 40 years. First, you should never drench your touch to the point to dripping lit fuel, wooden spewers burn through and could drop burning Kevlar in your mouth. Advising people to wrap toilet paper with dental floss, douse it in fuel and put it in your mouth is unbelievably dangerous. The paper WILL flake off burning pieces into the person’s mouth. There are many more dangerous suggestions and missed information.

I’ve watched many video from expert village and felt you are an excellent source of high quality information. These videos tarnish your other wise great reputation and put your company at a high liability.

Thank you for the numerous high end videos, I hope this information is helpful.


After about a week I received a brief message saying that Expert Village does not remove or add videos based on their correctness. They simply find “experts” (meaning Mr Anderson apparently, which is a slap across the face to real experts everywhere) and ask them to share their information.

Are you kidding? Your site is claiming that his techniques will keep you safe. Take some responsibility for the content you distribute.

I figured as angry as I was it was best to just let the whole thing heal over like a third degree burn. However it was brought up again with an old friend of mine last night in the context of a very interesting question she proposed to me.

How many people would have to make a fuss about this before these seriously dangerous videos would be removed from the Expert Village site? Hell, even adding a notice that says the techniques where outdated or inaccurate.

It is disturbing online material like this that pushed me to produce “How to Eat Fire”, I refuse to stand by while my fellow fire bugs are being put at risk and blatantly misinformed. If you are even a little upset, or just board, please email Expert Village through youtube and ask for the videos to be removed; or if you ever see me on the street, just hug me because a part of me is likely still thinking about it and I’m still freaking angry.

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