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What a way to kick off a summer!

First Official Nimble Twins Show

A Canada Show at a military base, how very appropriate. I have to say the show went well but the stage was not optimal. We were performing just behind the giant 8 foot cake. It was a little had a first to compete. 

Learning From The Masters
Some other entertainers were heading down to the Edmonton Street Performer’s Festival, a haven of amazing talent and corn dogs. It was a great opportunity to see a few street legends and laugh till it hurt. 

Sideshow Gurus Ryan and Amber had showed me multiple youtube videos the last time I had dropped in to see them, of one particular performer who was “maybe the best ever to do the street, certainly a legend” Mr Rob Tores. Google him if you get a chance, he really is incredible and I know it now first had because he happened to be at the festival and we caught his show. He’s show is all about flawless control of an audience and a character you want desperately to succeed. 

Ron Pearson, Kim Potter, Checkerboard Guy, James O’Shea, Flying Bob, and Andrew Elliott to name a few, made the whole thing near overwhelming. I had a blast. 

Oh and best of all, Amber introduced me to this new carnie treat called “itsy bits” AKA “dipin’ dot”. They are tiny balls of hyper-sugary ice cream. I have been on a minimal sugar or soda pop diet for a few weeks. I had 2 “Itsy Bits” to myself and lost my mind. 

I made a short video to remind myself of the evils of overly sugary food sold at festivals. Enjoy.

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