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Tour Time Again!!

What Became of the GVS

Well last year was certainly a blast. The garden variety show did another big show on new years, but that’s it I think. 

What lead up to this year’s tour??
Over the last year I got to know a fellow female entertainer by the name of Sandra Sommerville. Before we were introduced I had been told by our mutual friend David Hermanutz that we had twin personalities, and almost identical interest and quirks. Now if I’m gonna be completely honest here I should say that this comment did more to upset me than it did to insight my interest in meeting this person. 
“Identical??” I thought to myself  “there’s no way, I pride myself on being one of a kind. I’m not one of a kind? David is a jerk to say this girl is exactly like me. Great! Now I get to find out how he really sees me. What if she’s a dork? Maybe I should pretend I’m sick and ditch, or emigrate and pretend I died….”
Alright, it didn’t get quite that bad, but I wasn’t at all excited that’s for sure. 
The scene:  Mid-day, a sushi restaurant in downtown Edmonton.
In walks the male lead character, played by David, Carisa close in toe.
They meet a pretty blond named Sandra and sit at a small booth in the far corner. 
David sits between them as if to mediate the coming escapade. They order.
Ok as soon as we put down the menus Sandra immediately stole my interest so compleatly that I practically forgot David was there. A fellow art student and web designer, we got down and geeky about CSS and art history. Then without skipping a beat, we transitioned into showbiz chat and notes of fire stuff. 
It was the best first impression anyone has ever impressed upon me. Except for Simon.
After 8 months of running away to Edmonton for the weekend, and Sandra coming down to Calgary to visit and do shows, the subject of our compatibility came up again. This time it was around the idea

 of a duo show. It was a whirlwind — although those who know us will say we accomplish all things in that fashion. The ideas, the jokes, the name, it all came to us so quickly.
Now, that whirlwind is taking shape. We called ourselves The Nimble Twins and we built a site, did the promo, booked a tour, the works.  In fact the whole thing kicks off in two days with a big Canada Day show. 
I can’t tell you how excited I am, and not just for the tour and the shows. When Sandra says something to you its almost always inspiring. 2 months with this girl! I’m gonna be so freaking motivated. 
Here goes! Wish us luck and stay tuned. 
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