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The Garden Variety Show: Scourge of Fort Mac

A twelve hour drive away a theater sits empty waiting for us to rock the people of Fort McMurray at the 17th annual InterPlay festival.

A mostly non-stop drive, James, Kim and I did take a short break in Cold Lake for a quick swing by the local Tim Hortons and a walk on the beach. Toes in the warm sand, a little step out into the water but no time for a swim, we’re burning daylight and the furtherer north we get the more likely we are to encounter wildlife which we’re not keen to do in the dark. After Cold Like there were very few places to stop, in fact there where no buildings or signs of life for hours, kinda creepy.

Finally after a full day of diving we get to where we are going and seemed like only minutes after checking in, we had ran into all the other performers and were off to dinner with the gang. That’s the nice thing about putting everyone up in the same hotel. A couple of familiar faces and many new ones as well. I had met Project Dynamite, a comedy juggling troupe out of LA, the previous year at the Edmonton fringe and they hadn’t changed a bit (that was meant as a compliment). Flyin’ Bob had been booked out for the festival as well and we were so glad to see him; he had done our show back home in Calgary and had become an audience favorite receiving a standing ovation in the middle of his act. What a night, bad food, good friends and my first ever poker game (I shouldn’t have to say how badly I lost, I’m sure you can imagine).

Friday night was our first show of the InterPlay run and we had an unbeatable cast lined up; Project Dynamite, Rapid Fire Improv, Flyin’ Bob, and Vinyl Burns. We had also managed to snag an Interview with Matthew Flores from Shaw TV and to top it all off it was Flyin’ Bobs 52nd birthday. We had spent the day buying party hats, birthday candles, little cakes and most importantly a Dora the Explorer pinyata. The room we were we were booked in was built like a green house with a big glass ceiling. Despite the stupid heat created be the hot day, green house, stage light combination, everyone just nailed it. We finally-ed by sicking a blindfolded Bob, armed with a juggling club on our preciouses Dora Pinyata and after several violent swings in my direction, he eventually knocked the head off, creating the second inappropriate decapitation joke of the tour. Luckily no one said anything.

We couldn’ t have asked for a better way to kick off the Fort Mac run, except maybe a cooler venue. Presto chango, they moved us into a different, nicer, cooler, room for the rest of the shows.

Over the next couple of night we had Greg Frisbee, Jacob Kettner, TD Sparks, the cast of Simple Simon, and the Viajante World Beat Drum Ensemble. Vinyl Burns, Flyin’ Bob, and Project Dynamite all also did return spots. The audiences were not as big as in Saskatoon but they were just as fun and energetic.

The most amazing thing by far was Vinyl Burns’ ten straight minutes of trying to put a simple knot in a tie. Greg Frisbee does a one handed neck tie tie, it was a great bit and, as is the nature of the Garden Variety Show, Vinyl jumped up to show the audience something he had been working on. Vinyl was going to attempt to tie a knot in a tie by flicking it. He was unsuccessful for ten minutes and it was freaking hilarious. Finally he got it and there a huge round of applause. I love that guy.

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  1. February 20, 2009 at 12:48 am

    we’re in your blog!!!!! wooooooooo WOOOOOO wooooo – PD all the way. we miss you!

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