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We’re So Freaking Good.

It’s the Tuesday after the Monday that changed Saskatoon forever. Ok, maybe I’m overstating just a little.

The Garden Variety show took over the outdoor stage at the Saskatoon fringe festival Sunday and Monday night. The first night we had Die Roten Punkte, The Dan Show and Vinyl Burns and what a blast. The (German?) punk rock singing sensations Die Roten Punkte (a 5 star indoor show) kicked off the night with a lovely musical number about the duality between robots and lions, Dan and James did an escape from there old duo show which involved striping down to their skivvies and been taped together with saran wrap (YAY man sweat!), and then Vinyl finished the night by making fun of both James and my mothers separately (one of whom was actually in the audience at the time). The show killed and we had people watching from where ever they could to see the show, just pack.

As good as Sunday night was, and it was an amazing show, there was just something in the air last night and it made us all go freaking insane. The line up was Jacob Kettner AKA Majake, Megan Leach From Learning the Game (a indoor show about a girl hockey player), The Phantastyks (a hilarious, normally kid friendly, circus team), and Jonno Katz (from the amazing one man show ‘The Spy“); with such a huge cast it was only a matter of time before the whole thing boiled over. And boil over it did. James and I set the mood by quickly throwing our script out the window. We weren’t 4 minutes in before a wild string of tangents had forced us to abandon all hopes of figuring out where we were in our material. Jacob did a cute bit where he magicly removed a spectator’s underpants and Megan had strangers feeling up her bicep. It really started to unravel when Joey and Francis, the normally silent members of the Phantastyks took control of the microphone since Paul had blown his voice out doing street shows all day. Unplanned and unscripted the boys started to get a little out of control, eventually grabbing an eight foot table from the beer gardens and balancing it on there face.

I pulled a Gilbert Gottfried and made a “way to soon” decapitation joke only a couple days after the killing on the greyhound where the victim had…well.. decapitated. Jonno, who can in late, jumped right on the insanity train and did a great bit of improvised stand up about how ridiculous the show had become and when James stood up to ask him a few questions we accidentally had the most surreal moment of the entire festival. Jonno and James started talking and directly behind them Paul and I started “fooling around”, completely without them noticing. Joey notices and in a panic he jumps in front and starts juggling in an effort to cover it. Finally Jonno and James notice and Jonno grabs a chair and balances it on his chin while James starts dancing wildly. You can’t write that kinda genius.

Now it’s Tuesday, and I could not be more proud out our little show. All the performers were unbelievable and it was an honor to work with them. Fort Mac here we come.

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