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The Next Step in an Unforgetable Summer

Lunch with the girls, a quick goodbye to my lovely Inglewood apartment and we hit the road, James, Kim and I for Saskatoon, the first leg of the variety show tour. Driving through the prairies for the first time since my recent east coast experience made me long for the sharp cliffs, ocean views and postcard sunsets I tried so desperately to not take for granted only weeks ago. Turns out I did.

I still can’t believe we got all the luggage to fit. The boys are both professional street performers, so we have their shows, clothes and amps and such as well as all the “Garden Variety Show” stuff, my three costumes, glass walk set, hula hoop, stilts and luggage to bring with us on the trip; not to mention we all still need a comfortable place to sit for the next eight hours. So what vehicle did we bring to accommodate this load? A freaking Toyota matrix. At least it looks like the bat-mobile inside.

After we got into Toontown and after we finished driving around in circles looking for the senator hotel, we checked in, unloaded and I was web surfing in minutes. I have family here which I planned to visit, but with all the hullabaloo over the past couple weeks with circus school, the ACADSA renovations and writing this fringe show, actually calling said relatives or making any real plans sort of, umm… I forgot.

That’s the world we live in, no need to make plans, I’ll just call you when I get there, text you, send you an instant message. With everybody plugged in to everybody else, the meeting as we know it is obsolete, unnecessary, dead. Well that’s my excuse at least; and for me it worked. I opened up my laptop, hooked into the hotel’s WiFi and it just so happens my uncle’s online, I let him know I’m “In town and thinking of stopping by tomorrow” and he tells me who all is in town, who I should see before I go. Within a mater of minutes I’m completely caught up and I’ve been able to check e-mails simultaneously. Even when I try to nail things down, set a meeting time, he sends me his cell number and tells to just call when I’m coming over. Four minutes and I had set up dinner with the local uncles, aunts and cousins.

Downstairs to the hotel’s little pub, the Winston , for a bite and a beer with the boys. Got a chance to meet some of the other performers in town for the festival and as far as I could decipher from all the excited chat and numerous inside jokes it looks like a really hilarious bunch or maybe they were serious about all those terrible things they were saying to each other and tomorrow I’ll be writing about th ecrazy fist fights. I suspect the latter is fairly unlikely, but a girl can dream.

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