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Starting at the End

The following is the last post of my last blog. A blog created for a college class taught me the value of recording your life.

After finishing out my first year at ACAD I didn’t waste anytime before plunging head first into the pool of projects and pieces I’d been saving up. I held a fund raiser to finance a trip to the east coast to shoot a documentary about the world’s first international 800km unicycle race. The race turned out to be the most intense 12 day experience of my life, but the 26hours of amazing footage makes it also the most worthwhile.

I got a teaching job at the Calgary Circus Studio which moved into my neighborhood, more specifically into the back of the church across from my apartment. I forgot how much I love working with kids. I’d was a coach with the Boys and Girls Club for almost two year and loved it more than I could properly appreciate. Every single story time with my per-school class or spa night with my girls was an absolute joy. I eventually burnt out on the bureaucracy and it didn’t end as well as I would have liked. Leaving left me with a gap, a play gap. When your not around kids enough, you start to lose your sense of play. Teaching at the circus studio and working with Peter, the directer of the school, I really got my play back.

I also got a job as the Events Coordinator as the ACADSA for the next school year and I’m leaving to go on the road with the variety show I co-host tomorrow, a three week tour we’ve been franticly writing for with every scrap of free time available to us.

It’s a big summer, and I hadn’t really thought much about my big first year of college. I was to busy running as far away from it as possible.

I was listening to some TED talk online, as I’ve been doing a lot this week, when I came across one in particular “Building a friendlier world through blogs” by Mena Trott. Mene is a regular joe. Now it’s not intuitive why that makes her exceptional so I will explain. TED stands for Technology Entertainment a Design. It’s predominately a conference of crazy smart and accomplished peoples talking about smart people things; peace prize winners, authors, people who’s fall back plan is a professorship a Harvard. Mena’s a blogger, not even a particularly famous blogger, but that was the point of the talk.


She spoke on the impact of an university accessible, free, self publishing vehicle. What was most interesting about the talk for me, was what she said about blogs being a public life archive. A record of your whens and wheres and hows; search-able, free of content restrictions, and open.

I’ve never had a Blog before this class (MAD-T) forced me to. I’ve had a website, in some capacity, for year and I’ve been keeping journals since grade school, and for a brief , very brief time I tried to do the my diary online thing when I was a teen, but that seemed different. Maybe it wasn’t.

I liked the experience of logging and keeping and open record of my ideas as they pertained to this class. Love it actually. The talk got me thinking about how valuable it is to have records. To be able to understand so clearly an idea that is come and gone.

My first year of college is come and gone, and I worry now that I didn’t keep enough records, take enough pictures. I didn’t document as thoroughly as I could have. It’s a real and deeply felt regret. This summer as well, all but over and how much did I really think about all that happened, did I share it or even make notes for myself. And why not? What stopping me? This easy, free and open social utility is at my privileged 21st century finger tips.

I really valued this class. It was motivating, fun and it cultivated move ideas than I could possibly follow through on in an entire career. It made me more confident in my speaking and writing and killed my software fears. So it is with great pleasure that I post my last submission to Check on Carisa, but this is not a sad day for because I will keep blogging just not here. I will open a new blog, my little store front in the marketplace of ideas. It just might take me 2 weeks to come up with a name for it.

Thank you from 5am on a Wednesday in July.

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  1. July 30, 2008 at 10:11 am

    shouldn’t you be sleeping at 4:51 AM ?And your spelling is getting much better with a little edumication :o)

  2. July 30, 2008 at 10:22 am

    Well — I wouldn’t call Mena Trott just an ordinary blogger. As co-founder of Six Apart, she’s had a huge impact on the blogosphere and is probably up there with Evan Williams in terms of name recognizability in blog tech.

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